Hi, I am Charlie and welcome to the Edgy Veggie blog!

I am here to show you just how easy it can be to transition to a vegan diet or simply cut down on the volume of meat & dairy you eat by following my delicious, healthy & cruelty free dishes.

Welcome to my blog

I have always considered myself an animal lover & keen environmentalist, so one day after years of ignorance, I decided to make the change to a vegan lifestyle. By no means did I expect the transition to be so easy. My eyes have been opened to a number of ingredients & flavours that are both delicious and jam packed with the necessary nutrients. I have never felt healthier & have never had to go without in food terms, so I’m here to prove just how delicious vegan food can be!

I love to travel and experiment new cuisines from around the world and enjoy re-creating my very own vegan versions! Feel free to leave a comment on this blog or message me on social media if you have any questions or requests!

I hope you enjoy!

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